Affiliate Marketing The Basics-Part 2 of 9

What is Affiliate Marketing?

  •  Affiliate marketing is a style of marketing wherein a business compensates an affiliate every time a consumer is directed toward that business through the affiliate website and/or its own marketing plans.


The Key Players : For the most part, similar to a board game, there are three key players in the game known as affiliate marketing.

  • The Seller – The seller is the company offering their products or services.
  • The Promoter – The promoter is someone who is willing to advertise or further promote the Seller’s products or services.
  • The Purchaser – The last piece of the puzzle, but of equal importance, is the individual who views the advertisement, maybe clicking on it or on a link associated with it, or giving his or her personal information by filling out a form for a follow through. This can then redirect them to the seller’s site whereby he or she gets to complete a transaction.

Basically, affiliate marketing is when you – as a promoter – advertise a company’s product or service in exchange for revenue, otherwise known as a commission.


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