Email marketing is known to be effective and it’s not just talk. Email marketing is still the single most effective form of marketing ever invented. It’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Why do you think every single business and company including big movers and shakers like Amazon require an email address to do business?

They require it because they want to be able to contact the person, market other products and services, and collect important demographic and behavioral information from their audience so that they can improve their offerings, thus, increasing their sales and return on investment. It’s really a win-win for both the business and the customer.

  1. It’s Personal – Email addresses are special and personal. If someone gives you theirs use it wisely. People hold their email addresses close to them at all times via their mobile devices. They check email often during the day and yes, they still read, respond, and buy things due to emails sent. Plus, due to technological advances you can personalize every message you send, making it even more personal.
  1. You Can Add Value Easily – When you have a targeted email list, you can add value to the lives of your subscribers easily by sending them information that is important to them. Content marketing is not relegated to blogs. Content can be shared via email, directed toward your audience via your lists.
  1. It Works – Direct Marketing Association says the ROI can be as large as 4300 percent. With that kind of ROI, why wouldn’t every business owner take part? Well, smart marketers do, and according to Gigaom Research, marketers say that email marketing is their most effective marketing channel.

To be clear, email marketing can be very effective, but like race car driving, it’s only as effective as the person behind the wheel. It’s important to know how to use email marketing correctly to get the kind of results that are often reported and talked about. And, it all starts by using email as an effective relationship builder.