3 Keys Action Steps To Creating An Online Presence

Deciding to either build a business online, or to promote an offline business online really requires a commitment to building an online presence. Without an online presence it is impossible to get visitors to your store, or offers, which means no customers. Of course the most common term in the marketing world for “visitors” is traffic. Everyone wants traffic! Now I will be the first to admit that there are certain strategies, and marketing methods that need to be applied to drive traffic. However, I don’t believe any method you find can truly be effective you aren’t doing three critical things.

3 Key Critical Action Steps To Create An Online Presence

I believe there are three critical action steps to creating an online presence, thus allowing you to promote your business online. Those three key action steps are: 1. Creating Content, 2. Publishing Content, 3. Promoting content.  Without doing these activities consistently, it is nearly impossible to establish a strong online presence. Now before I dig to deep, let me share my definition of “content” in this situation. When I say “content” I mean any communication that you create that will communicate to your audience. ANY communication. For example: emails, blog post, banner ads, text message, Facebook post, forum post….you see my point. ANY Content.

Three key components to creating an online presence. 1. Content Creation, 2. Content Publication and 3. Content Promotion.

Any content created will help establish some presence. However creating quality content (in any form) will help you establish and build relationships. It is those relationships that will translate to customers. Once I grasped this content it really began to release  the anxiety about creating traffic. My focus is now on creating content (that I believe will help others), and as a result the people will have a reason to come.


Content Creation

There are many approaches to what type of content you want to create. I have decided to think in “themes”. I have a general idea of what I want to communicate to my audience.  I have have some strong bullet points I want to talk about, then I just go for it. For example this post. I drafted my ideas before I started typing. I know what I want to say. They key was just taking the time to draft it. Now once this post is completed I will just begin to share it. And the great thing is this content is here now, so  I can always link back to it when I need to go a little deeper in this concept.

Where you create your content is up to you. What is important is that you create it. Get it out of your head. Make a video, send a tweet…post a pic. Do something to get the process of communicating to your audience. (And if you don’t have one, don’t worry they are coming).

What if you chose to focus more on the content, and not just the traffic. What would that do for your business?

Publishing Content

I am very guilty of this. I have zero problems creating draft. However hitting the publish or the send button always seems like a big commitment. I really had to switch the gears in my mind. I am really just having a conversation in writing with you. You may share your thoughts back (which I welcome). Or not. Either way I just wanted to challenge you a little bit. When I talk to people on a daily basis, I just speak. I communicate. If you have something valuable to add to your community, just publish your though already! If you leave something out, just share it later. Just remember that content will not help your audience if it is sitting in your draft folder. Just share your thoughts with them. Your thoughts are valuable, and they want to hear it!


Promoting Your Content

It would be great if everyone open each email you sent them. Or is you make a blog post people just get a feeling that you have shared amazing content and come running to your site. Unfortunately that doesn’t work that way. You have gone through the trouble of creating the content, publishing the content….go ahead and share it! Now I mentioned this earlier, but what is great you can share it now. But you can always refers back to it later. That really gives your content power, and it becomes a powerful marketing asset.


Content Creation Is About Relationships

I realize that if your goal is to build your business (make money) that may be the ultimate goal.  But remember what really prompted you to start on this journey. I am willing to bet that you felt the knowledge you have, our the products you promote could help some people out there. So when you start creating your content think of one of those thousands of people you may reach. Just think of one of them, and focus on that one and start building a relationship.

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