9 tips to finding your blogger voice

A quick confession…..

Ok, so let me come clean right from the beginning. I really don’t think that it is possible to “find your blogger’s voice.” That is because I believe we all already have our voice, I think what we are looking for is the confidence to use our voice.However, I left this title this way because I know that is what many people are thinking. People want to know how to FIND their voice.

Have you considered this? ……

However, I just want to let you know that your voice is not lost at all. It is present and accounted for, it is merely waiting for you to have the confidence to use it! The fact that you are reading this post lets me know that you have something to say. You’re really looking for the right way to say it because you want it to resonate with people. The truth is if you just say it your way it will resonate with your tribe, your audience. (Not necessarily everyone) and that is exactly what you want to happen.

What others are saying….

Well I looked on the web to see what others had to say, and I found some terrific tips that I want to share with you.  There were many tips out there but I decided to narrow it down to nine. After reading these tips I hope it boosts your confidence to use your blogger’s voice. By the way, feel free to check out each link and read the full articles where I found these great tips.

Here are your tips…..

The top two tips I found was, (1) to know your audience and (2) be original. In her article, Jeni suggests that when you are writing it is important to know who you are talking to and that you should talk to them with your own voice. “To truly connect with your readers and build a community around your blog, you’ll need to do it with your own voice, your own style, in your own way…and with your readers in mind.” It is easy to overcomplicate things isn’t. What would happen if you thought of each post as a conversation just between you and one other person? How would that change your conversation? (These tips can be found at  heleneinbetween.com)

This next tip hit home (3) “Only write about the things you care about.” When you are writing on a topic that really isn’t relevant to you, it is difficult to speak your mind. It is important to find something you can get excited about when you are writing. “Keep it Simple” and “Write freely then edit later”. These tips made me sigh in relief. Just reading that took a little weight (This tip can be found at melysaagriffin.com)

The next two tips will help you get over that fear of what to say. The suggestion is to (4) “Keep it Simple” and (5) “Write freely then edit later”. These tips made me sigh in relief. Just reading that took a little weight off your shoulders didn’t it? I don’t know why we like to make things complicated when they don’t have to be. These two tips just remind me to sit down and write my thoughts….it really is just that simple. (These tips came from epreneur.tv)

Ok, let’s keep it moving. I had a LIGHT BULB MOMENT with the next two ideas. The tips are simple, yet critical. (6) “Be authentic” and  (7) “write a mission statement”. I think it is great to be influenced and inspired by others, but you really don’t want to pretend to be somebody else, do you? I know I don’t. So, it is about being you and finding your audience. I love the idea of writing down a mission statement. This is an effective way to really solidify who you are writing to and why.(these tips came from runningwiththespoons.com )

….psst, by the way, I do not want to sidetrack you from the focus, but I stumbled on this great post on creating a mission statement for you blog…check it out here —–> crafterminds.com


I hope this next tip gives you a little freedom to just speak your mind….no matter what. “Accept that everyone will not share your viewpoint”. This means everyone will not like your blog…and that is ok. You are really looking for the ones who do right? So don’t hold back your thoughts just because a few people may not like it, write it because you know that there will be many who do! OK, the final tip is simple…Just do it!…Enough said right? Ok let’s recap the 9 Tips On How to Find Your Blogging Voice. (This tip came from successfulblogging.com)

OK, the final tip is simple…Just go for it already!  I really don’t think there is much more to say to that. It is not necessary to have the best graphics, or the perfect logo (I have already changed min three times). It is really about starting already. And if you took a break, it is really time to jump back in!.(This one is from me!)

Ok let’s recap the 9 Tips On How to Find Your Blogging Voice

  1. Know your audience
  2. Be original
  3. Only write about the things you care about
  4. Keep It Simple
  5. Write freely then edit later
  6. Be yourself
  7. Create a mission statement
  8. Accept that everyone will not share your viewpoint
  9. Just Do It

Yup, there is more…you are going to love this!

As if these tips were not enough, I found a really great video for you. I like it because in this video Regina emphasizes the very thing I was talking about at the beginning of this post, utilizing the voice you already have! She shares three simple tips to finding the courage to use your blogging voice. At the end of her video, she gives a great analogy. (Absolutely worth watching until the end!). In case you are in a hurry, here are the tips that she shares:

1) Recognize the importance and value of your voice
2) Practice your voice through text
3) Word your text the same way you talk to people (she calls this “Say it Again Sam”…..you have to watch the video to get this)

Here is a link to her blog, byRegina.com


Ok, I challenge you to take action!

How you can take action. I know these are some really great tips, but change comes from applying what you learn. Here is how you can shift into action. Try this blog challenge. For your next blog post keep the 9 tips you just learned in mind. I created a really simple blogging cue guide. The purpose is to help you think about your audience and focus on what you have to offer. You can download the PDF here. Print this PDF, then use it to create your next blog post. (If you like I can send you the word version you can type on it as well). Prefer to type on the form? If you like I can email you the word version you can type on it as well. (Click here if you want me to send it to you)

I would love to see you practice your blog voice, share your thoughts below!


  1. Just read your article and was really wishing I had this back when I launched my blog a year ago! I think #9 is the most important one: Just do it. It’s also the one that prevents a lot of people from blogging because they expect perfection from the get go! Anyways, great info and tips here!

  2. I want assembling useful information, this post has got me even more info!

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