Affiliate Marketing The Basics-Part 6 of 9

How to Spot a Good Affiliate Program

Once you have your website up and running, you should have a good handle on your target audience. You should also have a niche and possibly a sub-niche. For example, you could have a blog about cooking. Digging a little deeper, you could have a blog about organic cooking. And, taking that one step further, you may wish to specialize in homegrown organic vegetables and cooking.

What does this have to do with affiliate marketing? Once you have a clear and specific target audience in place, you can then delve into what your target audience, in both your niche and sub-niche, wants to purchase. Once you know your audience, you can promote various kitchen tools, cookware, and utensils that make your organic homegrown cooking easier and faster too.

If you can help somebody to do something faster, quicker, easier, then you have a lot to market there.

Knowing your target audience and associating their potential needs, wants, and desires, your affiliate attempts will give you a better chance at being successful with your affiliate marketing endeavors.


Research Products for Your Target Audience

One of the best ways to choose an affiliate is to do some research. Check out what others with similar blogs or websites are targeting. Visit forums to see what visitors are talking about, what their favorite products are in that category, and what they complain about most.

These little tidbits are golden nuggets for anyone seeking to either yay or nay a certain product.



Try Products for Yourself

Maybe you do reviews and try different products and post your comments. See what gets a reaction in a favorable manner and lean toward that product or service. Let’s say for example, you have a photography site and you use a certain type of camera. This is a perfect lead-in to place that item on your blog or website. Once you begin talking about that particular camera, you can then add the link into your blog post with a higher likelihood of someone clicking on it.

This is especially true if you are somewhat of an authority on your subject and have a fan base that you have created trust with, as well. If you are authentic and trustworthy and have established a good relationship with your visitors and readers, then chances are if you recommend something that you have used or tried, then your visitors will be more inclined to use or buy that item, as well.


Associate Products Similar to Your Blog or Website for Affiliate Marketing Purposes

In the example with the photography site, if you have already written about that particular camera, then dig a little deeper. Why not blog about a particular lens that you use for certain shots? Link back to a site that sells that particular lens. Choose a banner or ad that describes that item.

Again, if you use it and favor it and have a trusting relationship with your visitors, then chances are that you will feel and write more confidently about that product. Chances are that more visitors will click the link or on the ad, and you will have more success with your affiliate marketing.

Again, once you’ve done the foundational work, you can then search for good affiliate programs to match your site.

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