Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing The Basics-Part 9 of 9

Building Relationships

Marketing has many components to it. There is the knowledge and expertise of a product, good or service. There is sometimes the actual usage of that same product or service. However, when it comes to affiliate marketing, there is more. It’s necessary to build relationships first and foremost on your website or blog before you consider diving into affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing

It is important to create your blog or website and offer a value to the visitors that come there to check out what you have to say and how you have to say it. A visitor comes for something fresh, new and unique. Do you have a unique take on a common subject? Do you offer integrity, vulnerability, and truth?

It is integral to the success of your business, website or blog to build and establish relationships first before trying to sell someone something. Remember, everyone likes to buy but no one likes to build sold anything.

Consider How Offline Relationships Grow

Think of it in terms of actually meeting someone in person. They introduce themselves and right away try to sell you something. What’s your reaction? You want to get away from them as soon as possible right? Well, the same concept is applicable to websites. You want to offer a solution to a problem for your visitor. You want to engage them, and you want to be authentic.

Once you have established your blog or website for some time, then you have gained something almost equal in value to sales – trust. Once you have the trust and respect of your visitors, they may be more inclined to trust the links or ads on your website as well.

You never want to appear as a giant billboard full of spam that will send potential buyers running. After establishing your reputation for a bit and gaining the trust of your visitors, you can then more easily earn income from your affiliate endeavors. The more a visitor trusts you, the more likely he or she will be to become a consumer.

While it may seem that filling your website with lots of ads and banners will make you money quickly, you may just find that it has the opposite impact. So, make certain to establish relationships before jumping in on the marketing bandwagon. Once you have established relationships, you will see that earning income from affiliate marketing is easier.

Moreover, another important element in any business is your mindset. If you believe that you are selling or pushing something on a potential consumer, then that mindset will resonate with them as well. Instead believe that you are offering a service to those looking for products or seeking to find the answer to a problem through purchasing a product or service. Doing so creates a win/win situation for all.


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