JR Lang of Internetslayers -New Product Launch 9-16-2019 This new launch is a biggy as usual! What I love about JR’s releases is you get an amazing value for what you spend. Who is this for:This product will be for you if you create (or promote) self-help content. Click HereContinue Reading

Updated 9/14/2019 (I have updated my stats time-line and relevant training info) I wanted to dedicate this post to update my results with Siphon Reloaded. You can learn the details of Siphon Reloaded here. My Stats/Time Line 8-8-2019- I purchased 5iphon Reloaded 8-9-2019- I set up 5iphon Reloaded 8-9-2019- Opt-inContinue Reading