This challenge has been title Blogging With Purpose, however, it is ideal for anyone who is creating a website with the goal of growing an audience that you can expose to your content, products and or services. In this challenge, we will be starting from scratch. So if you only have an idea this is perfect for you. If you already have a website or blog, however, it is still in its early stage, or it isn’t what you want, you will also find this challenge beneficial.

In this challenge we will focus on:

  • Setting up your website/blog
  • Map out your website
  • Establishing your content creation stratgey
  • Identify your branding elements

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Day 1 : On day one I will be speaking with you about identifying the core purpose of your website/blog. If you are not laser-focused your website will be very confusing to your visitors. Also be sure to use the activity worksheet I have provided. Start Day 1.