This challenge has been title Blogging With Purpose, however, it is ideal for anyone who is creating a website with the goal of growing an audience that you can expose to your content, products and or services. In this challenge, we will be starting from scratch. So if you only have an idea this is perfect for you. If you already have a website or blog, however, it is still in its early stage, or it isn’t what you want, you will also find this challenge beneficial.

In this challenge we will focus on:

  • Setting up your website/blog
  • Map out your website
  • Establishing your content creation stratgey
  • Identify your branding elements



Day 1: Defining Your Website/Blog

Before doing anything we need to understand our core purpose for our website/blog.

Below is the link to your Action Steps Guide

Day 2: Purchasing Your Hosting and Domain Name

Today we will focus on the technical aspects of setting up your blog. While there are many options for you, we will be setting up our blog using WordPress. In addition, we will be using a self-hosted WordPress site. In order to do this, there are two things you need to do before setting up a self-hosted WordPress site.

  1. Purchase web hosting. I highly recommendGrab Bag Hosting because they are inexpensive and have top notch customer service.
  2. Register a domain name. While Grab Bag Hosting allows you to register a domain name, I use Name Cheap for all of my domain purchases.

Today’s focus is only on making the purchase. (We will actually connect your hosting to your domain on day three)

If you are completely new to this, I can understand this may seem very overwhelming. I have a few training videos that may be helpful in guiding you through this process.


Video 1: What is the connection?

If you really don’t understand how the internet and your website connect, this is a very (very) simplified instruction


Video 2 : Choosing Your Domain

If you do not have a domain name yet, this video training will help you in this process.

Video 3: Using Name Cheap to purchase your domain name

This video will guide you through using Name Cheap to purchase your domain name

Video 4 : Using Grab Bag Hosting

This video walks through purchasing your hosting from Grab Bag Hosting

Video 5: Tour of Grab Bag Hosting

This video provides a tour of the back office. (Note Grabbag Hosting has recently updated their interface, so things will look a bit different, but the components are the same)

Today’s Action Steps:

  1. Purchase your domain name. Do this from any registrar that you feel comfortable with. (Recommendation: Name Cheap)

  2. Purchase your hosting. Do this from any hosting company you feel comfortable with. (Recommendation: Grabbaghosting)


Day 3: Connecting Your Domain and Hosting

When you purchase your hosting and domain names from different vendors, it may seem a bit tricky getting everything connected,  but it is actually pretty simple. You will need to log into your Grabbag Hosting account and add your domain to the account. While there you will need to copy the nameserver information onto a notepad. Then you need to log into your name cheap account, and past the name server information with the appropriate domain name.

Video Training: Overview of connecting your hosting and domain: The three videos below details the steps to connecting your domain to hosting.

Video 1: Connecting your domain name and hosting (Overview)

Video 2: Connecting your domain name and hosting (Step By Ste Walk Through)


Video 3: Connecting your domain name and hosting (Over the shoulder walkthrough)

Action steps: Following the directions in the videos, connect your domain to the hosting.

Day 4: Knowing Your Audience

When you create your website you want to be sure that you are bringing in the right traffic. To so this you should be:

  • Using the correct language (do you sound like a friend and confidant or more like an out-of-touch college professor?)
  • Getting found in the search results (are you targeting the keywords your audience uses?)
  • Creating the content your audience wants and needs (are you offering only blog posts while your audience is listening to podcasts?)

Get the right balance of these elements, and you’ll find that your website traffic is ideally suited for your products and programs, that they happily take advantage of your offers, and that your business grows naturally along a path you love.

So how do you do this? By knowing your audience. You have a limited amount of time to coach your clients and no one has the time to become an expert at everything. Leverage your knowledge and expertise in one area of need and your clients will flock to you. Here lies the importance of choosing a niche and getting very tight, very specific, with the type of people you want to serve.

In order to ensure you are targeting the right audience, you will need to define your niche and develop your ideal customer.


Listen: Knowing Your Audience


Follow this Action Step Guide To Create Your Ideal Customer Avatar


Day 5: Installing WordPress On Your Domain


Getting Connected To WordPress

Once you have your hosting and domain connected it is simple to install WordPress on your site through your hosting panel. In this tutorial, we will focus on connecting installing WordPress. Having WordPress on your own domain will give the freedom to make any changes you would like in the future. (This option just gives you more ownership of your content. While the videos will walk you through the steps for using Grab Bag Hosting, the principles are really applicable to most hosting platforms.

Video1: A brief overview of installing wordpress

Video 2 : A walkthrough insatlling wordpress

Video 3: An over the shoulder look