Growing Your List With Siphon Reloaded

There have been few systems to date that have really excited me like Siphon Reloaded. Ever since I have started with this system, I have been adding new subscribers to my list. Now before you jump into this system, let me tell you that while my list is now growing on auto-pilot, that does not mean there isn’t any work involved. The fact is you will have to invest some time to set up and to maintain it. What is great is that it is low maintenance!

What is Siphon Reloaded?

This is a simple, viral list building system that is free, with an optional upgrade. I purchased Siphon Reloaded, and I have had immediate results. (Within the first 6 days I had 42 opt-ins). Now if you want an instantaneous list of 100s (which is virtually impossible) -then that won’t impress you. But if you are like me, an intermediate level, you know quick, small, results like this is powerful! (This means over time I can grow my list with quality leads) Right now I am focused on scaling up my efforts on using this system (5iphon Reloaded).

I know it is difficult to distinguish a good program from a gimmick from the onset. We have our guards up- trying to spot scams- as we should. The difficult thing is sometimes a great program can slip through our grasp. That is why I am writing the post.

To get started you grab your free website, set it up, and then turn around and give the free site to other people. (That is the viral part) The way your list grows is when the person, who received the website from you, activates their site, you will receive 10% of their opt-ins. (That is the auto-pilot part)

Now you can also monetize this free website giveaway, and turn it into a funnel. (That is what I am doing). Each individual who gets the free website has the opportunity to upgrade. If you have upgrade then when they upgrade it will be through your link!

Does Siphon Reloaded Work?

The truth is no one can guarantee it will work for you. Ther are two many variables. (The time you will commit, the consistency, your willingness to watch the training and to set up the system)

For me, yes it is working!

Here is what I did…….Once I upgraded my system, I immediately started sharing my link. Within the first day, I started getting subscribers, and recently I have started getting affiliate sales. (Really I just followed the training in the member’s area and that has been enough to get me going)
In order for the system to work, you have to take action, and you have to follow through.

How to use Siphon Reloaded?

Use 1 : Start Your Funnel System

You can use Siphon Reloaded to start a funnel system. I truly believe it is important to have your won funnel system in place, however in the meantime, you must start building your audience. By giving away this free website you will be able to start building your audience and building your won funnel.

Use 2 : Add To Your Current Funnel System

If you have a funnel, use it to build out your current funnel. A link to this free website would go perfectly on a bonus or thank you page. (Especially if it is an affiliate bonus page)

Use#3: Add to your monthly income

As an upgraded member you could begin to add income by those who upgrade. While we know everyone will not upgrade, many will, and when they do, you can earn too!

My Final Thoughts On Siphon Reloaded

My initial response to 5iphon Reloaded was to just skip it. (It sounded like a “shiny object” …just another distraction)-so I passed. It wasn’t until a marketer I respected recommended the product. She even shared her results. (This marketer really gives her honest opinion, which is why I respect her) Her results weren’t jaw-dropping results, she had gotten quite a few opt-ins and had made 1 sale. What got my interest was that she just took a few minutes to send it to a couple of lists. (Results with minimum effort!)

NOTE: Do not confuse minimal effort with NO effort! Big difference. For example it took me about 30 minutes to set it up 5iphon Reloaded. (If you are new- give yourself 1 hour).

This really shifted my perspective on this system. So I purchased it. The next day I set it up and began getting results that very same day. So really I have four reasons I recommend this system

#1 It is simple and straight forward

Often when you choose a system that is more complex, the setup process may deter you from finishing, thus yielding results. A simple set-up means you will at least try it. (then when you get results, you will keep going)

#2 It can be automated

We often see words like “PASSIVE INCOME” or “Automatic Funnel”, that makes you think you do it once and it is done. That is not the case. This really refers to a system that you can set up, apply minimal maintenance and it runs on autopilot- which yields passive income.

That is the potential in this system. I can do minimal changes and have automatic results.

#3 You can really help others

While there is a paid offer, that could really yield an income stream, you are giving away an awesome system FOR FREE! That is something you can really feel good about!

When you share this system an individual can use it for free, or if they really want to multiply their results, they can upgrade. (But what is important you do not have to twist their arm because it is free!)

#4 You will build your list

My greatest challenge thus far in establishing my online presence has been finding a system that helps me grow my list consistently. (That is why I am excited about my 42 Opt-ins in six days!) Now to give you some perspective:

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