Using personalization in email messages is important because it will help you build an audience of people who trust you. Email is the perfect way to build a relationship because you have fast access to the individual. Even if you have 1,000,000 subscribers, you can treat each recipient as an individual by using simple personalization techniques.

There are several factors that make for a truly personalized email message.

  • The Subject Line – Making a subject line stand out to the recipient will encourage them to open it. You can personalize it by adding their name using your auto responder’s features to the subject line, or by simply using terminology that would be personal to the list member within the subject line.
  • The Salutation – When you send email messages to your list members, it’s important to use the salutation as an opportunity for personalization. You can add their name, their position, title, or whatever you want that is pertinent to them if you have collected the information when they signed up for your email list.
  • Your Return Email Address – Many marketers make a huge mistake using so-called “no-reply” email addresses to send marketing messages. If you truly want to use email as a way to build relationships, then you’ll need to include your real name and a real email address instead of being so secretive. People want to know you, and relationship marketing requires it.
  • Your Email Signature – Be personal with your email signature, too. Include an image of yourself, and a catchy sign-off. Most of all, you must be yourself. Try adding other ways to contact you in your signature like social media channels.
  • Know Your Audience – One of the first ways to make your audience feel important, and to make yourself into someone your audience wants to know, is to know who they are. After all, it’s always about them, not you. The more you can know them, the more your messages will resonate to them.

Using all of these factors is important in relationship marketing. Get to know your audience, let them get to know you. Use the software you choose, such as Aweber or MailChimp to its fullest potential by using automatic personalization features and only sending messages that add value to your audience.