Letting Go of Getting Kudos for a Job Well Done

Letting Go of Getting Kudos for a Job Well Done

The professional athlete, Wayne Gretzky said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” While Gretzky probably got a lot of kudos and screams when he made the shots, he probably didn’t get many attaboys and attention during practice and definitely not when he missed. As an entrepreneur, you’ll need to learn to be your own cheerleader. You’re not going to have a boss to praise you, and if you’ve done your job right surrounding yourself with a good team, they’re going to challenge you and question you, not pat you on the back all the time.

When you have the mindset of an employee instead of a business owner, you tend to take that weekly check as kind of a type of kudos for your job well done – even if you didn’t really do well. After all, when you are paid hourly, or even on a salary, you often still get paid even when you’re not very productive. But, when you’re an entrepreneur, you only get paid when you’re productive.


  • Deliverables Over Busy Work – As an entrepreneur, you’ll need to determine which actions you need to take each day to make bank. It’s all in the deliverables. It’s not how you do it when you do it, or anything else but when you’re done with it and give it to your client. That’s when you make money.


  • Time Is Money – If you’re spending time each day messing around on social media without a goal in mind and a plan of action, then you’re just wasting time. Determine what your time is worth. Figure out how much you need to earn a year, divided by how many hours a year you plan to work. If it comes to $125 an hour, do you really want to waste that time doing something you could get someone else to do? Is it really worth it to waste playing Candy Crush? No one is going to yell at you, but your bank account will notice if you don’t take action.


  • Participation isn’t a Thing – No matter how often your parents or coaches told you that showing up is all that matters, sorry, it’s not. You also need to produce. There is no prize for you if you just show up, but there is a prize later if you do the work that needs to be done in a manner and within the time frame you have.


  • Producing Is Imperative – Let’s say you work as a maintenance technician for a technology firm. As a perfectionist it takes you 8 hours to complete your daily tasks and those that don’t get done just move to the next day. It’s no big deal because you’ll get paid anyway. But let’s say you decided to start your own Handy Man business. Now you’re in a situation where if you bid a certain amount on a job if you take too long you’re now losing money.


The thing is that you have to produce to earn a living as an entrepreneur. You’ll need to learn how to bid properly, or price your product properly, and spend your time smartly in order to see a return on your investment, which will be how you get kudos in the entrepreneur world.

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