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How I Plan On Making My Efforts Effective

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The road block to making my efforts effective

As this year comes to a close I find myself in a very reflective mode I am thinking about all I have accomplished, which naturally also makes me think about all I still desire to do. I am learning to celebrate my wins. And I have many! I am a pretty great mom (if I do say so myself). My professional career has been relatively satisfying. In spite of this my desire to really reach my full potential as an online marketer is still overwhelming. The more I study, the more I realize that there is only one thing that is stopping me from making my efforts effective. ….I am getting in my own way.  I know what to do, it is just about putting that knowledge into action.

archery-472932_19202 Key components to making my efforts effective

I have been creating some goals and action plans that I am in the process of implementing as your read this blog post. There is a lot that want to accomplish in the future. However, the most important thing is for me to become more effective with my efforts. The only way for me to reach  my greatest potential is to become effective with my efforts. There are two key components that I believe are critical to effectiveness. Those key components are consistency and discipline.  Implementing and mastering those two components will be essential to me become efforts becoming effective.

Lack of focus leads to poor effectiveness

Unfortunately, I have this history of jumping up into an idea. Often  I will have this amazing light bulb moment! Then immediately, I vigorously begin working on it, then something happens. A new idea forms, or I switch gears, or I just quit. Soon my idea of the moment fades into the dark. Sometimes I pick it up again, however often times I do not. There are many reasons I tend to jump from plan to plan. The main one is I tend to get frustrated when I do not see results from my efforts. As I reflect now, I realize that my lack of results is due to a lack of discipline and consistency.  I understand now that I do not provide the time for my efforts to yield fruit.

change-1245949_19203 Strategic steps I am taking to improve my efforts

When you plant a seed, you plant it with the intentions of growing this beautiful plant. That plant will not come instantaneously. I will have to water, provide a suitable environment, and protect if I want to see my plant grow and flourish. In those early stages there is so much happening beneath the surface it would be easy to think that my efforts are in vain. However, it is only with time (consistency and discipline) will I see results of my efforts.In order to get things going on the right path I have decided to do a few strategic things to make sure my efforts become more effective.

  1. Set some clear and specific goals. (Very often I set goals but they are vague so I tend to lose site if its purpose. When your goals are specific you can move purposefully towards them)
  2. Created specific action steps for each of my goals. (Knowing the exact path I intend to take will help me stay disciplined and focused)
  3. Track my efforts. In order to be consistent (I need to see my track record. Tracking my efforts allows me to celebrate my success and redirect my miss steps)

Now that I have my goals in place and method set up to track my efforts, it feels really great. I am on track to becoming more disciplined and consistent. Overtime my efforts will be effective!

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