My Siphon Reloaded Results

Updated 9/14/2019
(I have updated my stats time-line and relevant training info)

I wanted to dedicate this post to update my results with Siphon Reloaded. You can learn the details of Siphon Reloaded here.

My Stats/Time Line

8-8-2019- I purchased 5iphon Reloaded

8-9-2019- I set up 5iphon Reloaded

8-9-2019- Opt-in Grand Total =3

8-10-2019- Opt-in Grand Total =8

8-11-2019- Opt-in Grand Total =9

8-12-2019- Opt-in Grand Total =23

8-13-2019- Opt-in Grand Total =42

8-27-2019-Opt-in Grand Total =71

9-3-2019-Opt-In Grand Total =100

9-11-2019 Opt-In Grand Total=127
Siphon Reloaded

9-12-2019 Opt-In Grand Total=132

9-14-2019 Opt-In Grand Total = 159

*New* My Sales Stats

9-4-2019= 2 Sales Made

My traffic sources

Currently, I am using both paid and free traffic. (The bulk of my leads are coming from paid traffic.) Click Here To See My Traffic Sources

My Action Steps

What I am doing to Maximize My 5iphon Reloaded
(Note I have purchased the upgrades, so I may share some options you do not have access to, try and see what you can do with your free membership to yield these results as well)

Step 1: Watch the training video
I watched the training video a couple of times. (That is not necessary, but I was trying to get a full picture of the funnel). –I also ended up reaching to support to clarification on a few things which I will share with you)

Step 2: Set up my links
As a pro-member, I can add my links, so that once I share the Free Website, if others choose to upgrade, I would make a commission. As a pro member, I can also add two additional links.
I really don’t have an offer ready at this point, so I needed to grab a couple of affiliate links. (I chose to use the programs with the funnel).
This step did take me a few minutes to log into warrior plus and JVZOO.

Note: For those of you with the PRO account, remember your first offer can be from anywhere. (Exxample: waarior Plus, JVZOO, Clickbank, even your own offer). The key is the last two links can only come from JVZOO, or your own offer)

Step 3: Copy my link to prepare to share
Once I put my affiliate links in, my main link to share. Now I am choosing to track my links. (I am using Pretty Links- For WordPress and Linky-ID, one of the newest resources to I want to be able to track where my links come from so I can see which is most effective

Step 4: Send Traffic to my link
Currently, I am testing a few Traffic exchange, Udimi, and Leads Leap as a traffic source. I am sharing links through these sources and examining my conversions.

Update 9/9/2019

This week I placed a lot of focus on placing my Siphon Reloaded Links into the forum platforms I am using. (Keep in mind I don’t JUST share my link). I am proactively participating in the community:

-I comment on other peoples content that I find interesting
-I share other content related to, but not just my Siphon Reloaded Link
-I share general encouraging info

I read somewhere the ration should be about 70%/30%. 70% non-promotional content, and 20% Promotional Content.

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