Free Traffic Sources (Forum Style):
(Very friendly community. I have been hanging out here for a while)

Market Hive
(I am new here, and still learning, but great community opportunity)

(Also a new community for me, but I like the format)

(Facebook Style community)

Why forum style?
My focus is really on long term results.
All of these sights allow you to write articles (with your affiliate links in them). Obviously this will not get you fast immediate traffic but could turn into a simple free traffic source that keeps working for you over time.

Paid Traffic:
Allows you to submit a solo ad. (I have purchased and ad as low as $23.00 -Check It Out)

Leads Leap
This is a monthly obligation, however, I like that my links are constantly out there.

Paid traffic offers faster results. That is primarily why I use them. I still work full time, so I need my business working and growing while I am at my job. (I gotta tell you it is an awesome feeling to see my list grow while I am at work.)