Preparation Is Necessary

As I bring more structure, order, and discipline into my life I am learning that preparation is key to my success in EVERY area of my life. (Work, Business and Family Life)  Consider this quote, “Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation, there is sure to be a failure.” -Confucius

Each day builds on the previous day’s efforts. That means if I do my best efforts today AND prepare for tomorrow then that increases the chances that I will actually meet my goals. Why I am sharing this? Well, I know that you have some personal goals, as well as some financial goals that you are trying to achieve. If you find your self stuck, or not making any progress, I would like to suggest to you that you consider dedicating more time to your preparation.

Preparation Begins With Smart Goals

I know that you know that you have goals, but I want to consider if you have really taken the time to define them. In a blog post that I wrote a while back, I mentioned that the lack of preparation is one of the many reasons people fail in online business. You want to SMART about how you set up your goals. I wanted to share this resource. This video walks through the definition of SMART goals. (You can read more here). Setting up effective goals will help you make some mindset shifts to execute and take action.


 Preparation Includes A Plan Of Execution

I will be the first to admit this is usually where my planning loses its effectiveness. I become overwhelmed with the goals or become frustrated with how long it takes to complete them. Now I really focus on making executing a part of my process. What do I mean by that?

I no longer just focus on my end goal, my focus is on celebrating each task I complete. I celebrate my reading plan each day, I celebrate those small steps I take, because each small step, is a step that will snowball into a completed step

Preparation requires intention

The other key to preparing is setting up a system to maintain, and monitor your progress, I think this is a strong indication of your intention to complete your goal. There are two resources that I think are great to use to track your progress. One is Freedcamp. This has been an excellent tool that helps me visually see what is required and to help me execute. If this tool doesn’t work then you may want to consider Toodledo. This tool can help you set goals, then set up tasks to support those goals. (Tip, pick just one and use it for a while until you find a tool that really helps you find your focus).

We all want the most lavish things in life: perfect relationships, impeccable health, big mansions with sprawling lawns and sparkling pools, extravagant interiors, lots of vacations, and lots of money.  We tend to envy the people that have them, wishing we were them and simply hoping to be able to succeed that much. What people don’t realize is that those who are successful rarely just wished or hoped for success. They worked extremely hard for it. Most importantly they are prepared for it. Remember our success is in our preparation, which requires smart goals, a plan of execution, and the intentions to finish what we start.


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