Have A Powerful Start to Your Day


To be truly productive, you need to pay attention to more than work.  You need to pay attention to the balance of your life.  Take care of your physical and mental health and well-being in general.  To do that, it’s very helpful to have a powerful start to your day.


Get up early and invest in yourself for half an hour or so before you get the kids off to school or get ready to go to work.  The investment in yourself can take a number of forms as long as it is beneficial to your body, mind, or spirit.


Starting the day with exercise is one type of powerful start.  Exercise is good for you physically and mentally and has short-term and long-term benefits.  It puts you in a good mood and makes you very alert.  Choose an aerobic exercise, which will wake you up and get your heart pumping.


Another choice for your morning routine could be a meditation or prayer practice.  By drawing on your spiritual side, you awaken your creativity.  It helps you put issues into perspective, bringing you a sense of personal peace and centeredness.  A practice of this kind can be accompanied by reading scripture or other books which provide spiritual guidance.


On the other hand, you may prefer a less spiritual way to start the day.  Try reading self-improvement books or listening to tapes.  It’s also helpful to read the biographies of very successful people.  Look especially for the biographies of people who are in your line of work or who you otherwise have something in common with, such as an ethnic heritage or similar life histories.


Finally, you may find that a less structured morning ritual is the best one for you.  Spending some quiet time in the early morning with a cup of coffee in your garden could be the type of powerful beginning to the day that suits you.  Maybe you would enjoy writing in your journal. Just be sure to keep your thoughts on inspirational topics.  You don’t want to spend that time worrying about your daily activities.  Use the time to find peace and power from within.

Of course, you may prefer a mixture of these or similar rituals.  The purpose of the ritual is to elevate your mood and your perspective.  Whatever routine meets that purpose for you is the right one to pursue.