Re-Focused On My Journey Of Success

The Big Move

Deciding to become an online marketer is easy. The challenge is making it come to reality. There are so many paths, so many ideas and opportunities pulling you this direction and that direction. The challenge becomes picking a path and sticking to it. Yes slight adjustments will need to be made, however the plan is to stay focus. Keep my eyes on my goals, my specific objectives in front of me. Prepared to do the day to day tasks in a consistent way

My journey to online marketing

My journey as an online marketing started in Direct Sales. While promoting products for AVON, it became necessary for me to learn how to promote online. My day hours was slammed full. The reasonable hour to contact customers seemed to slip through my fingers as I handled house hold chores and prepared my kids for the next day of school. You can imagine my surprise when I started to learn all the different was to earn money online. I also discovered a direct sales company that was 100% online. (La Bella Baskets). That was is it! I was ready.

However I still struggled with focus. I knew that could earn income as a gift consultant. What I wanted to figure out was how to also build something of my own. In my hurry and haste for success, I began to pick up every sales video, tutorial I could lay my hands on. Now the problem was information overload!

3 Clear points

Too much information and afraid of making a mistake, I was frozen with deciding what my next step would be. Well I have oscillate back and forth long enough. A few things have suddenly become clear to me:

  1. Success is a journey not a destination. defines success as, “the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors; the accomplishment of one’s goals”. It also defines success as, “the attainment of wealth, position, honors, or the like.”  ( I use to be so focused on reaching my goal quickly and fast, I continued to jump back and forth from one thing to the next. However I know success will not happen overnight. Instead success is the achievement of many  small tasks overtime, that leads to the eventual accomplishments of big goals!
  2. Set my big goals, but focus on the small tasks. I recognize that I was trying to accomplish a goal that would take five years, in 5 days. Unrealistic right? So now I have my big goals set! It is now about me achieving my small task. Each goal is comprised of several objectives, each objective is comprised of a set of tasks. It is really about focusing on the tasks, then little by little your objectives ans goals will be reached.
  3. My success is not a destination, it is a journey. Success is no longer a place that I am trying to get to, it is now becoming the way that I travel. Success for me will constantly improve and evolve.

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