Shifting Your Focus

Shifting Your Focus To Success

What are you focused on in life? Are you focused on your problem? Are you focused on your progress?

Control Your Focus

Today I listened to Tony Robbins, which really encouraged my thought process today. I know that we, as aspiring entrepreneurs, we are constantly striving for improvement, and to reach a target.

While this is great, it could potentially leave us feeling unsuccessful, because there is so much left to do and accomplish. Here is the thing, if we do not stop and focus on some of our success

It could leave us feeling, overwhelmed, defeated, and most importantly unsuccessful.

Today I would like to challenge you to switch your focus. Choose to focus on aspects of your business that are working and is going the direction that you want.

In his you-tube video, Tony suggests that there are 2 ways to really do this. It is by one is by focusing on how you use your body and the second is to change what and how you focus on things.

He suggests that we use our body in a specific way when we are in the desired “states” of our life. (State is what we see as happy, fulfilled satisfied…etc). He believes that the state of our mind is directly related to how we move our body. So it goes to reason, if we move our body in a similar way as when we are in the desired state, then we will feel that state we desire feeling (or state).

In addition what we focus on also determines our state. You focus on the negative, that is what we feel. Conversely, we focus on the negative, well then that is what we feel.

Determine Your Fate

I feel that Tony shares really practical insight on understanding why. However, I have also discovered Brian Tracy, who provides some insight on some practical steps that we can take to find success (whatever that looks like to you).

His suggestion is to find other successful people and copy their steps. Now you may have heard this before, looked around in your immediate circle, and found no-one. Here is the thing, you can read books by successful people, listen to tapes, watch training, and that is how you can be successful.

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Make a decision

Above all else, I would like to encourage you to take ownership of your happiness. Take ownership of your joy. Make some consciences decisions today to shift towards your goals, and not away

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