How to take action and start making money from your business online

So many people, myself included, are looking for the blueprint to growing our business online (then eventually making money online). I had the opportunity to watch a great You Tube video that really inflamed a thought I already had inside me. It also made me realize that only I could create the blue print that will work best for me. What does that mean? The most important step to get results from your efforts is to start! That is it just start! It is easy to get bogged down the preparation and planning phase, and never move into a ground-breaking phase! I believe there are 5 key steps to how to start making money from your business online.

5 key steps to start making money from your business online

  1. Stop Making Excuses
  2. Take the time to make a realistic and actionable plan
  3. Act on your plan
  4. Revisit your plan to make sure you are on task
  5. Tell someone else about your plan, so you can have some accountability

Stop Making Excuses

That is the first step to getting results, stop making excuses. We all have different reasons, not enough time, not enough money or maybe just not enough resources. Here is the thing I firmly believe that you have everything that you need to start right here, and right now! From personal experience, I know what it is like to come up with a great idea, get started, run into a road block and stop. Maybe the road block is a huge technical challenge that is incredible challenging to overcome. That then turns into, yet another excuse.  You must decide right now in this moment, no matter what challenges come before me I will not quit. I will push through it with PERSISTENCE until I solve the problem. (Even if that means asking for help)

Take the time to make a realistic plan

Very often we are son excited by the potential results (money, traffic, 1000 subscribers, the best online business ever) that we don’t pause a lay out a realistic plan. We just jump in and start running to what looks like the fastest and easiest route to success. By realistic I mean a plan that you can begin right now where you are with what you have, and then evolve into something bigger and better as you grow. The key here is to be REALISTIC. This makes sure you plan is something that you can execute right now. Just don’t get stuck here.To make money from your business online it important to have some concise action steps in place. Make the plan then…..

Act on your plan

I know it takes an amazing amount of energy to pour into your action plan. Maybe you feel just a little bit overwhelmed by the task that lays before you. Don’t let that stop you. What is it that they say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day” well you can guarantee that your business online presence will not be established in a day. Just imagine if you take action today, and a little bit more action each day that follows…..where could your business be in 30 days, 60 days, 90 days! Picture, it!

Revisit your plan and make sure you stay on track

It could be very easy to lose yourself in idea or an aspect of your plan. That is why it will be incredibly important to revisit your plan and make sure you are sticking to it. If you get a great idea that does not help you accomplish a task in your plan, write that idea in a “Great Idea” journal or log. That way you won’t lose the idea or lose focus from the current plan and task before you. Stay focus and stay on track.

Tell someone your plan

Let me ask you, how bad do you really want to learn how to start making money from your business online. If the answer is bad, then tell someone you plan. Tell someone you trust and that will hold you accountable to your plan. That person’s job is to ask you every time they see or talk to you where you are in your plan. Often knowing that there is someone else out there who expects to see results from your efforts will push you to act. ….And do not start avoiding that person either! (LOL)…..Just do it. They idea was planted in you for a reason. Consider this…..some where out there someone needs whatever it is that you have, or about to promote or create, so just do it!

So that is it. Starting to grow your online presence for your business really requires that you just Start, jump in. Take the time to make an actionable plan, then Act on it. Revisit the plan to make sure you are on task, and Tell someone else about the plan to help motivate you to stay on task.

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