One way to truly ramp up relationship building and personalization is to learn how to segment your market. The smaller the groups that you can break down your audience into, the more personalized and direct the messages you send can be. Plus, if you can think outside the box a little bit about the type of groups you create, you’ll be able to go even further with segmentation.

  • There is No Such Thing as One-Size-Fits-All – You already know this intuitively or by experience. But it’s not just clothing, it’s also very true of email marketing messages. When you send out generic messages hoping something sticks, you’re really just wasting your time and your audience’s time and lowering the results of your efforts.
  • In Some Cases Timing Is Everything – When you segment a list properly, those who prefer to read messages at 8 a.m. will appreciate getting them at 7:59 a.m. Whereas those who open messages at 10 a.m. will also enjoy getting your messages when it’s convenience to them, but you can’t do that if you’re trying to do a “one-size-fits-all” message. You’ll miss out on conversions that could have been easy to get.
  • You Can Make Each Message Count – When you segment lists appropriately, such as buyers of widget A from buyers of widget B, or customers from leads and leads from prospects, you’ll be much more likely to move them from one list to another seamlessly because you can avoid sending repeated messages or offering them services or products they already have or simply aren’t interested in.
  • You’ll Build Your Reputation & Brand Faster – The more your audience feels as if you just really get them, and understand them, the faster they’ll go from seeing you as unknown to known, and the faster you’ll reach a space of trust and even like so that they want to buy what you’re offering because they know it’s right for them.
  • You’ll Simply Get Better Results – Study after study conducted shows that market segmentation works and that marketers who practice it are seeing much higher results than those who aren’t. What’s more, with today’s technology it’s not even difficult to set up. If you have an autoresponder program like Aweber or MailChimp you already own the technology to make it happen.

The awesome thing is, most email marketing software will take care of this for you once you set up the rules. After the audiences are segmented, you’ll need to plan out the specific messages to send to each group, and this may take more time, but you’ll be able to reap the benefits of this after it’s set up, automatically.