Why Traffic Is So Important To Our Online Marketing Efforts.

One of the driving forces of building your business online is traffic. Rather we like it or not, the thought that is always in our minds, how will I get this content in front of people.  And I know that it is obvious, without traffic, there is no prospective audience.  I think our focus on traffic is necessary and a requirement, however, I have decided to shift my focus from massive traffic streams to multiple traffic. And most importantly quality traffic streams.

On my way home from the dentist, I traveled to several side roads, before I eventually funnel out to the main highway. On the side roads there was some traffic, however, the closer and closer I got to the main road the traffic became more concentrated. This made me realize there is potential in all traffic. Yes, having ads placed on the main highway is ideal, but there is traffic on the side roads as well. What this translates for me is that it is best to continue to create content, and to strategically place this content in as many areas as I can. There is no limit to the potential who will be exposed to it. It is important to create it and share it.

It is true that all traffic is not considered equal. But isn’t their potential in all traffic.  Wouldn’t it be more effective to share your content in multiple areas, consistently, versus just one source all of the time? Everyone has their own sources. I have decided to concentrate my efforts on some very specific platforms and blogs as well as paid traffic. I am tracking my efforts, so I can learn for myself the best traffic resources that will work for me.

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