The reason that “the money is in the list” is because that is where your buyers are. They are on your list. You offered them something that they thought was valuable enough to exchange their email for. Now it is your job to really figure out and learn how you can best serve them.

  • Do Your Research – Before you even get started, study your ideal audience so that you know what they want and need. Understand their pain points so that you can create true solutions that will blow their socks off.
  • Create Buyer / Subscriber Personas – It helps for you to create buyer personas or avatars so that you know who you’re creating solutions for. Being able to focus clearly on a real person will help you not only attract the right people to your lists but keep them on the list due to the amazing content you can create for them.
  • Create a Targeted Freebie – Once you’ve done your research and created subscriber avatars, you can create a freebie for your audience that will amaze them so much that they’ll not only want to join your list but they will stay on your lists and become very responsive to your offerings. After all, if your freebie is so amazing, imagine how great your paid offerings are.
  • Study Your Stats – Once you have people on your list, it’s important to gather analytics to study. You will learn a lot from the people who come to your list via a variety of methods by watching their behavior. How do they react to certain headlines? How do they respond to different types of CTAs?
  • Ask Them Directly – Once you have people on your list, or you’re part of a community of your audience members, you can ask the audience directly what they need and want. It’s always a good idea to add some type of engagement to your lists, whether it’s inviting them to a private group on Facebook or asking them to simply respond to a question via email. Your audience will appreciate it and will actually be more likely to open your email if they know they’re interactive and not just one way.

By doing a good job with your research, tracking links, and creating an interactive environment via email you’ll take your email marketing to the next level. You’ll start to build true relationships with your email lists and your customers. Relationships pay off big time when it comes to marketing. After all, people buy from those that they know, like and trust.