What Is Internet Marketing

I know that term is thrown all over the place these days. It brings a lot of different images to your mind. However, until you decide for yourself what an Internet Marketer is and what they do, it will be very difficult for you to embrace the role.

Internet Marketing Defined

Let me tell you what it is to me. First of all, I use “internet marketer” and “online marketer” interchangeably.  For me, an internet marketer is anyone promoting a business, organization or product online. That is it. Plain and simple. I hope you caught I said “promoting”. That means intentionally sharing content with people.

It is the sharing of this content that distinguishes online marketers. There are some out there that will share any and all information in exchange for a dollar. However, there are those who share important and relevant information that helps solve people’s problems.


How you market online

How you choose to share your content, and what content you decide to share is completely up to you. However, if you want to profit from your efforts, here are some of the most common methods.

  • Selling products on auction sites
  • Running a membership site
  • Selling digital products (E-books, E-courses, and video courses)
  • Affiliate marketing (Focusing on promoting other people’s products)
  • Selling your online services (writing, graphics, etc.)
  • Owning your own e-commerce store

You can see there are many ways people can market products, business, and organizations online. What is great there is no limit to the potential or possibilities. It is just a matter of choosing your method and working consistently in it.



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