What Is The Secret? Create A System Then Execute!

If we really admit it to ourselves, we would be able to admit that the problem just maybe not that we don’t know how, but that we just haven’t created a personal system, and execute a system to reach our goals.

Once I realized this about myself, I became committed to removing the excuses and pushing forward to my long term goals, and to do it systematically and consistently! This hasn’t been easy, and it is taking time, that is why part of my system is to plug into some systems that have already been created, and taking advantage of them.

Don’t have a system? Plug into One.

The advantage of plugging into a system, it starts to get you results, while you create a system that is more specific and personal for ourselves. Plugging into a system is often challenging because the system isn’t ours, so that means we have to learn the steps, initiate the plan and follow through. (This where I usually give up because I feel it is wasting my time). I began to be frustrated because I am not promoting my own brand (and )or product.

You will not be wasting your time, you are INVESTING your time, because after the initial learning phase, you will be able to implement over and over….and eventually master the system, to the point it becomes automatic.

Now if you start, then quit, in order to find a faster system—-then yes you are wasting your time!

 Why creating a system is important.

If you know anything about me, you will know that I believe that the most important thing we can do as a marketer is to build our online presence. This is challenging because it takes time. ——BUT WORTH IT!—-

However, systematically working on our brand and building our presence is what builds the automation piece into our business. Without this system in place, you will be walking in circles- even worst wandering in the wilderness.

There are specific things I am working on and building- that are not in place. This creates anxiety, frustration, panic, and fear because there are no results. The reason, your system is not YET fully functional.

 Need a system? Here is an idea.

That is why I have plugged into this system 5iphon Reloaded. This is a system that is functional, and I can implement it right now, while I build my personal system. IN FACT, this is a part of my system!

Now before I go to deep, let me tell you this system does take time, but it is powerful, and here is the best part, it is FREE! The reason this is important is that it removes a barrier.

The system also benefits everyone, you and your prospect. So it is win/win.

The most important thing is the system is CREATED. COMPLETE. AND READY. All you have to do is learn how to plugin, and take action!

Don’t Quit Creating Your System

I admit this is the hard part! Now the reason that does not scare me is that I know this is a valuable part of the process 5iphon Reloaded will actually help me in my process because the key purpose of the 5iphon Reloaded is to allow me to build my list on autopilot. (This solves a huge piece in my personal system).

So as I use the 5iphon Reloaded system, I continue to grow my personal system and then integrate one into the other.

Your next action steps.

Don’t make this complicated or hard. Just move. FIRST- plug into 5iphon Reloaded. (You can upgrade, however at the minimum take advantage of the portion they give for free). Commit 30 minutes to set it up. (Their training video says 60 seconds, but there were a few pieces I needed to set u from scratch).

Second, start building your own personal system for establishing your online system. Now if you are struggling, or don’t have a plan, you can grab my free resource here.


Remember the key here is you focusing on your outcome, and taking action to achieve it!

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